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Part of website design is knowing what kind of content you will produce and post, and how often. Our SEO specialists are available with a service for providing “evergreen content.” This type of content is designed to be read for years to come. For example, news feed websites will publish content via the shotgun approach — as much as possible to cover as many topics as possible in a short period of time. News is meant to be read immediately. By the next day, readers usually discard it. The website moves onto a different topic.

Evergreen content is different. 

That’s the biggest reason why certain types of online publications may want to invest more energy into creating content with the “less is more” approach. That’s evergreen content. How do you write the perfect piece of evergreen content? It’s not as difficult as you might think — it just takes slightly more time and effort than a traditional news piece.

The following pieces of content are longer lasting:

  • Information. People use search engines to obtain factual information, which means it makes great evergreen content as long as the SEO is good. If Google loves your website, it should have plenty of evergreen content. You should have informational content if you’re an attorney, business owner, or hobbyist.
  • Stories. These are always relevant as long as a reader can find a way to relate to the narrator. 

Evergreen content is a great chance to combine both information and stories. How do you achieve this goal? If you’re trying to sell a product or service on your website, you’ll want to describe it with factual information — and then provide story-based testimonials from the people who loved it. You can also use your page to provide tips or trouble-shooting techniques.

Interesting product reviews also serve the same purpose. Did you know that Amazon sells a very successful banana slicer because of its reviews? These reviews are technically evergreen content because people love to read them even if they have no plans to buy the product. Here’s an example:

“We were so excited to get our Hutzler 571…until we realized that our bananas curved the wrong way. Gonna have to go to the store for new bananas…”

And another:

“My expectations may have been a little high, but I have not been able to successfully slice more than 3 bananas at one time. Not sure how Hutzler can claim to slice 571 bananas with this model. A video demonstrating the proper technique would help.

For that reason I’d rate this item only 3 out of 571 stars, but Amazon’s rating system does not seem to be compatible with this product so I dropped an additional star.”