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The Importance of Securing Your Website

Thanks to the news about personal data theft and website hacking in the past couple of years, most of the internet users today are aware that their personal information is at risk every time they connect to the internet. However, even when the word is buzzing around, most of the online businesses are still taking web security for granted.

What is the major reason why most people don’t secure their websites?

Well, lack of awareness of the risks & consequences is no longer an excuse and the number one reason why many ignore web security, especially small business owners are the belief that they are too small to be noticed by hackers. Most website owners do not know that hackers utilize automated tools in order to locate vulnerable websites. Others are too busy to sit down and think about web security in any depth.

While website owners are usually aware of the security issues, they usually do not connect them with their businesses. That results in them not setting aside adequate time and resources to ensure that even the most basic protocols in regards to security are in place.

So, why is it important to secure your website?

Well, your site is your storefront, your brand and usually your first contact with clients. If it is not safe, those crucial business relationships can be easily compromised. Security threats come in an array of ways- infecting a site with malware with an aim of spreading it to the visitors, stealing clients’ personal information such as email addresses and names, adding the site to a botnet of infected websites, stealing credit card information and other financial details as well as crashing or hijacking the website.

A single breach can be a death knell for a business, especially if it is just budding. Most countries nowadays have strict rules against data breach and many come with hefty penalties, fines and other costs that a small business would find hard to cover. Even if a security breach does not lead to data theft, it can still be subject to certain penalties and could ruin the reputation of a business if clients find out about it.

An unsecured site is a security risk to clients, visitors and other businesses. It enables the spread and escalation of malware and attacks on other sites. In most of these attacks, hackers usually attempt to harness the combined power of numerous computers and websites in order to launch their attacks and they rarely lead directly back to the attackers.

So, if you are running a business, no matter the size, it’s important to protect your reputation and customer data by having proper web security in place.