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Why You Need To Match Your Logo And Website

Think of it this way; your website serves as your online headquarters where clients visit to check out what you have to offer and any other information related to your business. They will probably get on your site by searching for a few terms on Google, and the first impression they get when they open your website says a lot. Typically, on the left-hand side of your site will be your logo, fully glaring at the visitors. The big question is, does your website have to match your logo?

It is essential for your site to match your logo. Before we even dive into the details, keep in mind that there is a company logo and a website logo. In some cases, a company logo may be different from the website logo depending on the industry and relevance to the industry in question. It is undeniable that one primary ingredient for coming up with a successful business is having a brand identity. Your brand should stand out on the billboards, website social media pages, and your physical premises. When clients associate you with your unique brand, it becomes easier for them to find you.

Imagine a scenario where your existing client gets accustomed to your company logo and decides to book an appointment on the web. When they get on your website, they get confused when they see that the logo on the site is different from what they are used to. They probably get the impression that this is an entirely different firm and decide to look elsewhere. In a nutshell, having a logo that does not match your website can make it hard for you to retain clients.

Being consistent will help you to stand out from the competition while increasing your brand awareness. People will be able to identify your presence whenever they come across your brand. It also shows that you are professional and reputable while indicating a great level of commitment in what you are doing. In other words, clients will take you seriously and prefer you to other firms with inconsistencies. Customers like to have a sense of stability and a firm with a logo that is different from their website does not give them that.

You might think that your website’s consistency with your logo is not essential, but when you look at the benefits of syncing them, you will realize what you have been missing out. You can set a digital marketing campaign with fantastic strategies, but things that seem to be very small such as these can significantly derail your progress.