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Especially for lawyers who work in Social Security and Disability Law, having an ADA Compliant website can be to your benefit as it will appeal to your clients that have certain disabilities. If you are considering designing a new website, one of the first things that usually is determined is the color scheme. Sometimes this is based on a pre-existing logo or business branding and sometimes it’s not. In order to be ADA compliant, there is a Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) that is the golden standard to follow.

WCAG 2.0 has three conformance levels when it comes to contrast ratio between the colors on your site: A (minimal), AA (mid-range), and AAA (highest). AA is widely considered the industry standard. The AA standard for color contrast is a 4.5:1 ratio between foreground (i.e. text, images) and background. For example, green text on a black background actually is a 4.08 contrast ratio and therefore does not pass the industry standard. But if you change the text to neon green, the contrast ratio jumps to 15.3 passing AAA level.

There are many different contrast ratio tools that you can use to determine whether or not your colors fit within the range. Our favorite is You can take the hex codes of your logo and figure out the best combination to ensure that your website is in the correct contrast ratio or play around until you find a color combination that you like that meets the standard requirement.

Here are some of our favorite ADA Compliant Sites that have great contrast ratio and innovative design: