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Whether you’re just starting a new practice or growing one you’ve been a part of for a long while, marketing can make or break business in the future. And it’s not always easy. Sometimes you’ll enjoy a period of growth that can last for years, only to hit a seemingly unbreakable ceiling. Well, the good news is this: You can always break it. First, you need to find new clients, and that means you need to adapt your old marketing strategies by injecting them with some fresh tactics.

  1. Whenever your law firm is present at a community event, whether it is a volunteer service, fundraiser, or business reception, be sure that all eyes are on you. Request the opportunity to use your best attorneys as greeters so they can get to know people as they walk into the event.
  2. Marketing is warfare, and the easiest way to win each battle is with a lightning-fast strike. Find a diverse set of clients through social media, online blogging, electronic newsletters, and send email reminders to clients you served in the past. Remind them that you’re still around, and let them know what kind of other business you might be able to handle.
  3. Check out the competition on a regular basis. The world is changing, and individual law firms are quick to adapt to new marketing tactics. Some say that if you’re not the first, then you might as well be the last. It’s not true. Better late than never might not be the most effective strategy, but it’s better than lagging behind forever. Catch up to your competitors!
  4. Use Google Analytics on your website to determine how people interact with you online. You’ll be able to set conversion goals, and use the information you gather to build a better marketing strategy.
  5. Be sure you’re using social media to network with friends, colleagues, and even potential rivals. Build relationships in order to build trust.
  6. Consider moving to a new location. Not only will it open up your law firm to an expanded demographic, but you’ll present a fresh face to a new community. Just because you move your primary base of operations doesn’t mean you have to dispatch with your old one. Keep old clients as you bring on new ones. Invest a good portion of profits into expansion.