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First things first: social media is a catch-all phrase for networking platforms you may or may not already use. Popular choices might include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but more people are turning to LinkedIn when trying to find a new job or business whose services they require. If you’re a small firm just birthing its social media presence, we suggest you start there. If you’re a larger firm, you probably already have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

How should you market yourself as a smaller firm? Most importantly, be honest about your capacity and capability. You might only have a few lawyers at your disposal, but sometimes that’s what people are searching for in a law firm. Even big organizations might prefer the more personalized approach of a smaller firm! Which is why you should be marketing your small firm as more focused on providing its services to the individuals who work for largest organizations.

Be clear about the demographics you serve best. With only a few lawyers at your disposal, they might work well with certain types of people. More experienced lawyers will probably be perfect for older clients. Young people like youthful, vibrant lawyers. Where people live is important, too. Before you can obtain a new client — or strengthen the bond with an older one — you need to make real personal connections.

LinkedIn is perfect for maintaining new connections, but as you become closer and feel you can provide more influence, you might want to start making your presence on platforms like Facebook and Twitter known. Each social media platform provides the opportunity for new demographics using new advertising algorithms. Speak to an advertising consultant to request more information on how to use them appropriately.

Even Instagram can provide an open avenue to a more personalized touch. Get to know your clients by sharing pictures of friends and family and the activities you share together. But be sure to make your employees well aware of the tone and message of posts. Your mission statement should reside in each one — if only a little bit.

Do you require new insights for your social media presence? These connections can all be made through your website as well, which is why maintaining the perfect website is key. Interaction there means interaction elsewhere — and that means your business will be booming in no time at all. Don’t wait. Send a message as soon as your ready to build a new foundation for your law firm.