Legal Marketing 

Here at Legal Firm Website Design we are more than just a web design company, we are web marketers. We attack web design with a holistic ideology and want to ensure that our websites are performing at the highest level possible. In order to do this, we want to control the design of your website, the content, the search engine optimization, and the search engine marketing for your firm’s website. If you allow our experts to handle your online legal marketing campaign, you will have more time to focus on becoming the best lawyer in your practice area.

When Legal Firm Website Design handles your marketing, you will have an experienced team at your service. Our staff is attentive and will answer any questions you might have about your marketing campaign. One of the benefits of partnering with Legal Firm Website Design is that all of our plans are scalable. No matter the size of your law firm, if you a solo practitioner, mid-sized firm, or large firm, we will be able to make it work for you. Your account manager will take you through the process, step by step, ensuring that you are completely set up and confident in your firm’s new website.

What Are The Services We Offer?

Despite our name, Legal Firm Website Design does more than just design dazzling websites. We offer a full range of online legal marketing services. Our legal marketing services include, but are not limited to, web design, content, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Our plans are flexible and we are willing to adjust them to meet your needs.

Some of you may be wondering why do I need these services. First off, in our opinion, a great website can only take you so far. When the majority of your prospective clients are using search engines to find your business, why wouldn’t you optimize your website and promote your website in search engine results pages. It only makes sense, right?


Part of our plan is search engine optimization services or SEO. SEO can go a long way in terms of generating organic traffic and leads by increasing website visibility in the search engine results pages. When we say organic, we mean that visitors of your firm’s website will find it through search engines; like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Practicing good SEO will give you a leg up on your competition because you will rank higher than them in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why do you want to be ranked higher? Well, that is an easy question to answer. We now know after eye-tracking studies done by the Nielsen Group that most people read from left to right and from the top of the page, to the bottom of the page. Our experience has also taught us that the higher you are ranked, the more credible your firm appears. There is an old joke in SEO, it goes: Where do you hide a dead body if you don’t want anybody to find it? The second page of Google. That being said, being ranked on the first page is extremely important for web visibility. That is not to say that just because you are on the second page for some terms, your website is not being found. All of these factors are important in generating organic traffic and perfect reasons for why your firm should invest in search engine optimization.


Whenever our clients ask us for paid advertising advice, we always recommend search engine marketing. Search engine marketing (SEM) is often referred to as pay-per-click. Search engine marketing is a paid promotion that brings your website to the top of the search engine results page when a user searches for a specific keyword or phrase. For these campaigns, your budget is dependent on a variety of factors including your firms practice area and location.

How does it work? In the most basic terms, pay-per-click campaigns are exactly that. You only pay when a prospective client clicks on the link to your website. When we begin the process, we will determine important keywords that we think you should target. From there, we will determine a budget based on the keywords’ prices. We will then manage this process, making sure that the keywords we are targeting are generating traffic to your website and make any adjustments to the campaign we, or you, deem necessary.

Why should you implement a search engine marketing plan? In our professional opinion, the benefits of search engine marketing out weight the negatives. Some of the benefits of SEM are:

  • Cost control
    • Cost control is essential for smaller law firms. When we begin the campaign, we will be able to set a budget for the month and that is the total amount that will be spent on this campaign.
  • Direct return on investment
    • We are able to set up goals in our analytics to measure the leads that are being generated from your pay-per-click campaign.
  • Near-instant web traffic
    • Unlike SEO which takes time to see results, SEM will have your website at the top of page one on Google as soon as we start the campaign.
  • Targeting options
    • The vast targeting options that are available in an SEM campaign will allow us to get the most bang for your buck. We will only target potential clients which will make for an extremely efficient campaign.


Content goes hand-in-hand with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The content on your firm’s website will give you credibility. The more informative and the more content you are consistently adding to your site, the better. This is why we stress handling your content and getting it posted in a timely matter.

Why should you let us write your content? One reason is that writing content is a lot of work and a time consuming process. We want you to focus on practicing law, not writing about it. Secondly, most of our writers are former lawyers or have their J.D. They know the ins-and-outs of law and can interpret them in a way your readers will understand. Thirdly, our writers are proficient in writing SEO friendly content. They know how to write headers, footers, and how to mix in keywords so they go unnoticed.

Why You Should Let Us Handle Your Firm’s Marketing

Legal Firm Website Design offers packages that include all of your online needs. We want to build your website from scratch and see it through the entire process. Our staff is experienced and they care about our clients. We strive to provide excellent customer service and quick turnaround time on our clients’ requests. If you are looking for a firm that can handle all of your online marketing, Legal Firm Website Design is your answer. Contact one of our account managers to learn more information about how we can help your firm.