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A law firm that has been very successful will often feel the need to present their most successful cases on their website. The reasoning behind this is that it provides credibility for their law practice. When people are able to see that they have succeeded before, this should motivate them to give your law firm a try. However, if done the wrong way, it could actually cause the opposite effect. They may actually leave your website and find another law firm to work with instead. Let’s discuss the right and wrong way of presenting successful cases that your law firm has litigated so that it will actually help you attract more clients.

The Wrong Way To Present This Information

One of the largest mistakes that a law firm will make when presenting past victories is to first showcase those victories at the top of their website. Although this is good information and can be helpful in enticing clients to work with your law firm, it should never be at the top. You only have a few seconds to convey a sense of trust with the visitors that find your legal website online. The first thing they should always see is images of you, and your partner if you have one, so they can identify with you personally.

The Right Way To Present Successful Cases On Your Website

The proper way of presenting this information is to have it show up below the images of the attorneys. It should be some type of scrolling display, showing each one individually. It should be directly below the images of the attorneys, not at the top of the page. Another way that you could do this is to simply provide a link to your successful cases, giving them the option of looking at them when they choose.

The most important thing on a legal website is to convey trust. This can only be done by showing headshots of the attorneys, the logo of the law firm, and contact information that they can see immediately. This allows the potential clients to automatically identify with your law firm, and this can be done within seconds. When they see the scrolling information about your most successful cases or a link to this information, this will show them that you are capable of winning. That’s all you need to do to use your past victories to motivate people looking for legal help to choose your law firm over all of the others.