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Should Lawyers Have Active Social Media?

While most of the world has sprinted to get online, there are some areas where the rush has been a little bit slower, and sometimes for good reason. When you look at an area like legal services and the importance of client-attorney confidentiality, social media becomes a potential minefield and a lot of people have outright wondered whether or not lawyers should be active on social media.

Read on, because the answer might surprise you!

Social Media Is Important

There is something about social media that just gives the opportunity for interaction with the community and to come out from behind thick law tones and the far away feeling that can come when having to deal with a professional in a field of specialists. Legal issues are incredibly worrying, and most people feel very separated from the individuals they need to protect their interests.

Social media can be a great way to humanize individuals and reach out to the community. It’s also not only a way to share bad news or “Better get a lawyer or this might happen to you,” stories, but share positive ways the practice and people in the profession are affecting society.

Social media is fantastic, but there is a definite dark side if it isn’t done correctly…

Never Outsource Social Media

While it might be common practice in other areas to have a social media manager who handles the account on behalf of someone, that isn’t viable for the legal profession. Simply put: there is way too much potential red tape and special considerations to push this responsibility on someone. Attorneys understand how careful they need to be saying anything and there are many potential pitfalls that come with the wrong wording. A social media manager will not understand those legal technicalities and not be able to navigate those minefields.

Social media can seem like a strange world, especially considering the rate attorneys charge tend to be per hour. While social media might not have an obvious trackable ROI, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. A good social media account can humanize your practice, set you apart from all the other names, and make you the go-to choice for people searching for an attorney because some of that initial trust has already been formed.

Social media is something most attorneys should absolutely have – but there is a learning curve to doing it right to make it work for them.