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A Guide to Your Attorney Bio

If you have created a website to represent your legal team, and you have properly SEO optimized it, it is likely that you will receive visitors from the search engines. Whether you have a family law practice, or if you are offering personal injury legal services, you should be able to find people that need your help. However, even if you have a very successful online marketing campaign, you do need to build trust with potential clients almost instantly. One of the best ways to do this is to create an online bio that presents information about you and your law firm. Here is an overview of what you should include with this online bio that can help motivate people to work with you.

What Is An Online Bio?

An online bio, also known as an attorney bio, is information about the lawyers that are at the law firm. This will present information about their education and experience in their particular field of law. It will also have information about the law firm itself.

What Information Should Be Presented On The Bio Page?

The more information that you provide, the more likely it is that this will create a positive image of your law firm. You should also include headshots of the people that are there, allowing people to connect with the lawyers at your law firm before they make contact. There should be phone numbers and email addresses, allowing people to contact you immediately. There should also be links to other areas of your website showcasing cases that you have successfully litigated.

By presenting this information, you have a much higher chance of allowing people to feel connected with your law firm. This is something that must be established early on. Otherwise, you are simply going to be one of the many websites that they will find on the Internet that are offering similar services. The more open you are about yourself, and your legal team, the easier it will be for these individuals to connect with you. Once they call, you will be able to interact with them to potentially bring them in as a client. The absence of a bio can be detrimental for the growth of your law firm, so it always needs to be added. Once this is done, you should see a substantial increase in the number of clients that choose to use your law firm for legal help.