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A Few Tips, Tricks & Examples for a Top Notch Contact Us Page

Were you aware that the page on your website that will get more action than another will be the “Contact Us” page? This is especially true for these companies offering services, but also true for many product based organizations as well. Too many companies the “Contact Us” page is simply a footnote their glowing web site and it doesn’t get much thought. But for successfully brands and forward-thinking companies, this is the first step in a dedicated relationship with your customers.

This following article will include a few of the most important pointers to keep in mind when crafting this special page and achieve a truly engaging impact with those important people who visit here.

Grammar and Punctuality: The smallest grammatical error can be disastrous. You will want to ensure that there are no errors here as the slightest errors in communication could be indicative of other areas where professionalism is lacking.

Keep it Simple: You will want to make the contact information and the means of using it as simple as possible. This means minimize the additional messages, background music and anything else that could possibly detract from the simplicity of this page.

Customer’s Needs Come First: While it can be tempting to use the contact page to gain information of your clients and visitors, an online form is the biggest turn off to the online customer. When a visitor is presented with a form they get the feeling that they are just as important as the next guy. They came here to find out how to get in contact with you and this is what you should provide. If you will be using a contact form keep the information as pertinent as possible and be sure you have a fast and appropriate response prepared.

Look Gorgeous: Just as the start of any relationship should be as pretty and presentable as a wedding picture, you want your contact page to really entice your visitor. Give them a sample of what kind of communications they can expect from you in the long run. The idea is to generate and enthusiasm and interest in the things your offer.

Add Your Personality: if the visitor has made it to your contact us page they are obviously interested in making a connection. Take this time to show your personality and style. Consider how you want your customers to see you and work towards this theme and tone. You will also want to consider what your customer is looking for and be fun and bubbly, or serious and sophisticated as needed.