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You know the drill: your firm just launched, you have a partner or two, and maybe you have a handful of attorneys under your wing. You don’t want to stop there, of course. You want to grow, and grow, and then grow some more. But how? Obviously website design is a big part of the puzzle. It’s how clients begin to associate your practice with quality customer service over someone else’s firm. It’s how you market specifically toward targeted demographics instead of the spray and pray shotgun approach.

Our services provide small firms with a number of options, whether for launching a new website or simply making the old one better. These options are your chance to overcome some of the challenges you face when building a firm from the ground up.

Bigger firms have the resources to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) that can really give your website a boost in search engine rankings. They can also afford more expensive pay per click campaigns that target hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. 

Small firms cannot always afford these types of marketing campaigns, but that’s okay — our goal is to work with you to personalize services based on what you need. Your budget matters to us, and we’ll be flexible based on what you have. Most likely, you’ll hire our designers to promote growth through specific keyword research. This will help you perform some SEO best practices on your own.

We take it one step further, though, by optimizing your website for mobile devices. Most of your clients won’t be browsing your website via a desktop anymore, so we need to make sure your page looks great across all kinds of devices. 

In addition to these basic services, we offer around the clock support for your questions. We know you work late into the night, so we do too. Our customer service representatives are based here at home so there will never be an issue with communication. Whatever questions you have, we’ll do our best to answer them. Could your website use a different font or color scheme? We’ll let you know. 

Our services are one step above the competition because we were founded by lawyers. We know what you need and how to implement those needs quickly and efficiently. While you manage your billable hours and in-house IT, we’ll help take care of marketing through top notch website design. Even if you’re a solo practitioner, we can help you grow. Contact us for a free appraisal.