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It seems everyone is talking about automation, which leads us to a job-oriented quandary: how long until computer programmers are completely replaced by artificial intelligence? If this event comes to pass, then it means web design as a personal profession will go the way of the dodo. Software will do the job for us. All we would have to do is tap a few keys or even mouth a few words to an electronic assistant.

We’re already starting to hear about computers that can write poetry or do the more creative tasks that they’ll be required to do if they’re ever to replace us completely. Of course, the examples of these groundbreaking developments can be downright hilarious. But computers are getting better at it, and that’s what’s important.

In order for automation to really take control of all the tasks programmers perform on a daily basis, they need to understand what we need–if not how we think. Scientists and researchers and programmers are starting to come up with algorithms that can handle increasingly complex tasks. The original makers of Apple’s Siri programmed her to be capable of much, much more. They went on to create a company called Viv Labs in order to see their dream come true.

Siri was incapable of answering complex questions. You could ask her where a location is or when a particular event occurred in history and have the reasonable expectation of an accurate answer, but you couldn’t ask her where the location of a particular event was at a particular point in history and who was responsible for it without stumping her. Viv was built to do just that. Not only this, but the programmers who are building Viv envision an electronic servant that can learn based off of your individual needs, and then personalize its abilities based on those needs.

One example provided was this: you pass out drunk on the side of the street, and Viv will know that she needs to call you a cab. This isn’t a far-future reality we’re talking about. It’s pretty much here. The finishing touches are happening now. With this kind of functionality, it seems unlikely that humans will be handling web design for much longer, because computers can do anything we can–and it won’t be long before they can do it better than we can, too.