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Growing a law firm is complicated work. The process isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon — especially in 2019 when competition is steepest because of new adaptations by the industry like automation. How do you focus your website to be more client oriented? Well, there’s a lot that goes into constructing a new website but the good news is this: we do most of the work for you. Our legal firm website design team will also send monthly progress reports to give you new insight into its performance both before and after launch.

What we do:

  • Highlight awards and accomplishments by both the firm as a whole and individual partners or even paralegals.

  • Ask clients to provide testimonials that will give potential new clients insight into how you conduct day to day business.

  • Write an about section to show clients that you have both a mission statement and private goals relating to the community.

  • Write biographies for partners and lawyers to show clients the human element behind the face of the law firm.

  • Update the website with new images, written content, and an FAQ with informative videos.

  • Optimize the website for search engines like Google.

  • Optimize the website for speed.

  • Optimize the tone and message you want the website to convey.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things we do. SEO can help generate large amounts of traffic to a website when done properly. It involves brainstorming different titles to either grab attention or increase visibility, write metadescriptions, provide internal and external links, and optimizing images. In addition, our website designers will perform keyword research for each page and track those that work the best.

Our content marketing platform will provide custom content for your blogs and videos. The most important aspect for an evolving law firm is fresh, relevant content derived from reputable sources. Ask your lawyers if they have a subject they would want to write about!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will allow the law firm to bid on specific keywords to boost the site to the top of a search engine result. These campaigns will generate reliable leads from the targeted demographics you choose. Our SEM service will help select the best keywords and provide management from beginning to end.

Although website design is especially important for large firms, it’s available to optimize the performance of small and mid-sized firms as well. The challenges you face are our specialty as well.