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What Is Google Rank Brain & What Does It Mean For SEO In 2018?

Site owners that are up to speed on SEO in 2018 have heard about the importance of the user experience. Have you also heard about the Google Rank Brain algorithm? Google has been quoted as saying they are going to be even more heavily reliant upon Rank Brain in 2018 and beyond to help determine site rankings in the search results. Rank Brain has everything to do with why site owners need to focus on the user experience, among other important SEO factors.

What is Rank Brain?

It was mentioned that it’s an algorithm, and it can also be referenced as an artificial intelligence system. Not only is Rank Brain a major example of AI is used in the world today, but it is ‘machine-learning’ AI. What does that mean? It means that the machine is being taught by itself. This makes Rank Brain a very interesting use of AI in today’s world because it is absent of additional programming.

Before we start creating a science fiction scene here, let’s get to the specifics of Rank Brain and what it means in regards to SEO. First, it is important to understand that the algorithm doesn’t fully determine the Google search results rankings. It is, however, part of the process. There is an overall search algorithm that has been used for many years by the Google, and the tech giant calls it Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is made up of many parts, and Rank Brain is one of them. You might have heard of Google Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and other parts associated with Hummingbird as well. Why is Rank Brain so important? It is the newest addition for starters, and it is also as stated tied to this whole concept of the user experience in terms of search engine optimization for site owners.

There are many ranking signals that Google uses for its search results, and site owners are going to have to get smarter in regards to SEO to keep up. It is said that while there are approximately 200 ranking signals, there are actually thousands of what are called sub-signals. Rank Brain has really made professionals take a serious look at what Google is setting up for the future of SEO via Hummingbird. While Rank Brain is only one part of Hummingbird, it is a very important part that is gaining lots of attention. You will hear about it more in the future.