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Top 3 Ways to Produce a Killer Topic for Your Website Blog

A blog is a great way to gather interest in your site and engage your online audience with the valuable content of the highest quality. But, where does the modern blogger go to find a topic that is relevant to the audience he is trying to reach?
To keep your audience fully engaged you will need to create a constant supply of top quality content, so picking your initial topic is essential. Following are some sources of pertinent topics that can allow you to strike a chord with your audience.

Consider Online Resources

There are certain online sites like “bottlenose” that can provide you with topics that are trending right now across various social media platforms. This will allow you to see what is on everyone’s minds as you are browsing.

A simple search into your topic on the useful Bottlenose search will provide you with a slew of choices for the hottest topics right now. You will see a list of mentions of your topic in the various social media platforms observed by Bottlenose. Next, you can find top trending topics, comments, and images associated with the topics of your choice. This is the best idea if you already have a topic idea to run with and need some fresh angles for your themes.

Write a Blogs from Customer Questions, Complaints, and Comments

There is no better way to show your skill as a tradesman and a professional then your capacity to handle the needs, comments and even complaints from your customer pool. By making yourself a well-known resource for all things related to the topic you increase your online presence considerably. The questions you receive from your clients is a good way to start. Take the time to answer and personally provide useful information for your client’s queries and in so doing provide a resource for many more that visit the site with similar questions. There are some important benefits to this way of blogging. First, you improve the likelihood that others with similar questions will come looking to your site for answers. Then, you also improve your online status as an authority within your niche.

Quora Questions

If there is a question Quora has the answer and the facts and figures to provide support. These are also ranked and rated by the Quora community so the answers are always spot on. Simply open up the search menu and begin type in your topic and look up questions in this category. If you come across an unanswered question, this is a golden opportunity to provide a carefully crafted answer. As long as you link back to original sources, Quora will allow you to re-post their content anywhere.