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How To Evaluate Your Content’s Tone And Readability

Although it is important to have content on your website that is SEO friendly, you also need to consider how it sounds. You may have included all of the keywords that can help you rank in the search engines, but you need to make sure that actual people will be able to read it. It goes much further than simply being grammatically correct. The information that you are presenting needs to be concise, and also helpful. To evaluate the content on your website based on tone and readability, here are a few tips that you can use.

What Is The Tone Of Your Website?

The tone of any website is represented by the way it makes you feel once you have read the information. For example, if you have a law firm, the person visiting your website needs to feel confident that you will be able to help them. They also need to sense that you are not simply providing a service in exchange for monetary gain. They need to believe that you are there for the primary purpose of helping them out, and this can be conveyed by the way that you structure your content.

What Is The Readability Of Your Website?

Readability refers to how the content will flow as a person is reading it. Again, this is not just about doing proper grammar. You need to have sub headlines, structuring your content, so that it flows from one topic to the next. Readability is also about how each individual section sounds as they are reading, and it must convey both confidence and empathy. If you are offering legal services, this combination of the tone of your words, and how easy it is to read is what will motivate people to trust you enough to pay for your services.

There are many other factors involved when determining readability and tone. Essentially, it just needs to convey a sense of trust. This can only be done by writing content that is designed to motivate a person to believe you. If your content is grammatically correct, and conveys a sense of honesty, that can also help. Once you have read through your own content, as if you are a potential customer, from that perspective you can often see changes that need to be made. Your goal is to always be honest and concise with everything that you write, and this will instantly build trust with those that read your content once they have arrived at your website.