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The coronavirus pandemic has led to uncertainty about the future for many businesses. We understand how difficult it can be to stay afloat without any source of revenue. However, many of a business’s would-be customers might still be searching for “free” information online because they can’t afford in-person service right now. That is why website construction is more important than ever.

A well-designed website can keep a client coming back for more — but it can also generate revenue through internal content on its own. Is the future of your business uncertain? Then shift tactics and create a new website with new goals. Provide quality content for your business or service, and place ads to generate a new source of revenue.

Evergreen content is the best thing you will ever do for your website. This is the kind of content that uses testimonials, how-to essays, lists, and anecdotes to provide customers with information that lasts. It is not news (although that’s another great way to generate new content for a new website or advertising campaign strategy). Instead, the goal of evergreen content is to provide information that will still be useful years from the day you post it. 

For those of you who are not ready to build a new website, you can boost customer interaction on social media. Ask about customer concerns and try to address them. Many local and state governments are relaxing restrictions soon. Will your business be opening in the coming weeks? It might be time to start inviting clients old and new to make appointments. 

Another option is taking old content and making it better. Replace aging key word phrases with new ones. Optimize content for today’s search engine, especially content over three years old. 

There are plenty of ways to work on designing content (or redesigning old content) during the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t wait any longer to jump on the bandwagon. It’s time to get to work!