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Discover The Competition Ranking Of Lawyers

Ranking the competition of lawyers in regards to advertising can be a challenge. Since this is the case, we have decided to share with you what we have found as being the most competitive advertising to the least competitive. This way you can see just how difficult it could be for your office to rank.

The most competitive and definitely most difficult niche to get any law office to rank for is the practice of personal injury law. This type of law typically will have at least one, if not more lawyers office in almost any small to a medium-sized village. This is also the most lucrative type of law; which is why so many lawyers decided to practice personal injury law when they graduate from law school.

Social Security, disability, and workers compensation lawyers are another group that will find marketing to be very competitive. This type of law, which can have cases that drag on for years, tends to have rather large settlements or back pay going to the clients once a case is won. Typically the lawyer will get a cut of that at almost thirty-three to thirty-five percent. You will find quite a few lawyers are going to be competing for your business in this law field as so many people are getting hurt or injured at work.

A little bit less competitive niche, but one that still has some competition is bankruptcy. These types of lawyers will advertise their services, but have a tendency to be part of a larger practice. So this makes the pool of advertising easier and with fewer people, the competition is not as strong.

One of the least competitive niches that you can practice as a lawyer is copyright law. These lawyers tend to only be located in larger cities and in some cases, do not even have a lawyer for this service in the state. So this is definitely a less popular practice area of law that people are able to advertise in fairly easily.

Marketing is a great way to expand your business and reach out to new clients. However, when you are in law you will have multiple practice areas you can work within. That is why you should know more about which type of law is very competitive, like personal injury, to that of copyright law, which is hardly competitive at all.